…for the labourer is worthy of his hire. St Luke 10:7

According to the Church of God in Christ Auxiliaries, Units and Bands Manual, the Pastor’s Aides is described as the hands of the body of Christ that grasps, hold and serves. Every finger is needed and is valuable. We are encouraged to try to hold a pen without the thumb, which is a difficult task. However, we the Pastors Aide Committee find it to be a great joy to use our hands in doing whatever they find to do in aiding our leader.

Our ultimate goal as we move forward into this new year is to use wisdom and God’s guidance in assessing the needs of our Pastor, rather than have a pre-planned agenda which does not include his desires or needs to better serve him as he feed us the word of God.

Respectfully submitted by:
Missionary Leatha Knight,

Pastors Aide

President Sister Joann Quarles

Vice Mother Linda Robinson

Ministerial Staff please add
Minister Douglas Fowler
Minister De’Andre Nelson
Minister Jamar Jones
Minister Christopher Johnson