Looking at our past and moving towards our future.

The Seth Temple Nurses Guild did not originally start until somewhere around 1966.  During the time of Livingston Street, there apparently was no organization of a Nurses Guild in sight.  However, during the first years of the formation of Seth Temple, the Usher Board served as doing double duty, attending to the needs of the families and times of bereavement.  Some of the pioneers of great African American women, who decided to foster the idea and leadership abilities to take care of the Pastor and First Lady, entail Mother Farmer, Mother Wallford, Mother Redmond, Mother Daniels, and Maxine Ingram, who served as State and Local President over the nurses’ guild.

Because of the character, the devotion and love these women displayed for the people of God! We now currently have enrolled between 20-25 nurses, which also includes our wonderful junior nurses, for the Mother Church of the Churches of God In Christ!

Let us now look into our future, the President of Seth Temple Nurses Guild is Sabrina Taliaferro and Vice President Anna Hunt. Currently, it has been a long road of continuous work and dedication for our nurses. The President along with several of our season nurses has background and experience in the areas of nursing, C.P.R., first aide instruction and health care services.  No longer are we water bearers and handkerchief passing nurses with no background and experience in the field of nursing.  There have been many times we are called for the sick, recognizing emergencies and knowing what is the best treatment plan to service our congregation. No, we are not doctors, but we are experienced, capable and educated to performed tasks needed in times of crisis. Majority of the events, conferences, funerals and services performed at Seth Temple, are always in need of the services of dedicated nurses. But more than anything, the power of healing and being covered under the blood of Jesus, gives us authority to take care of our Pastor and Missionary.

Our mission is to foster the concept of health care, good hygiene and learning to recognize emergencies and react in a timely manner.

Our purpose to provide health services for the entire congregation and focus on recognizing emergencies and responding in an effective manner.

National Colors for the Nurses Guild is Red and White

Sister Nancy Palmer is our State Nurses Guild President.

 Uniform Colors:         White              National Colors:         Red and White

It is my endeavor as your local President, to be able to pass the mantle of knowledge, experience and love to the nurses that are shortly coming into this wonderful arena of serving the people of God! And to God Be the Glory!

Nova Hunt, President of the Nurses Guild